Below please find a link to the new Houston Airport System (HAS) Statistics Dashboard.  The Dashboard replaces the old form of reporting through PDF files.

You’ll find that reporting is greatly improved through this tool.  A few of the features:

  • Interactive
  • Dynamic
  • Contains the most current data
  • Historic data is included too, since 2001
  • Allows for filters.  Choose one filter, and it displays every time, across every page.

You are invited to explore the various features of the Dashboard to unlock the potential of this powerful tool.  If you would like more details, please see the HAS Statistics Dashboard User Guide or email

Detailed Results

December 2018 (PDF, 357KB)
November 2018 (PDF,  1MB)
October 2018 (PDF,   1MB)
September 2018 (PDF, 1MB)
August 2018 (PDF, 3MB)
July 2018 (PDF, 2MB)
June 2018 (PDF, 3MB)
May 2018 (PDF, 4MB)
April 2018 (PDF, 3MB)
March 2018 (PDF, 3MB)
February 2018 (PDF, 2MB)
January 2018 (PDF, 2MB)
December 2017 (PDF, 3MB)
November 2017 (PDF, 2MB) 
October 2017 (PDF, 4MB)
September 2017 (PDF, 3MB)
August 2017 (PDF, 2MB)
July 2017 (PDF, 3MB)
June 2017 (PDF, 4MB)
May 2017 (PDF, 3MB)
April 2017 (PDF, 3MB)
March 2017 (PDF, 2MB)
February 2017 (PDF, 3MB)