Pre-security Food, Beverage and Shop Options Offered at Houston Airports
March 8, 2017

Pre-security food, beverage and shop options offered at Houston Airports

Houston Airports has almost completed its roll out of a variety of new food, beverage and shop options at Houston Airports. With so much to choose from, the airport is giving passengers a quick cheat sheet to ensure they don’t miss any of the great new concessions.

“We’re delighted to offer new concessions, pre-security, in time for the busy spring break travel season,” said Ian Wadsworth, Houston Airports Chief Commercial Officer.  “A strategic priority for Houston Airports is to make our passengers happy.  Adding food, beverage and retail options pre-security in every terminal is just one of the ways we’re creating an enjoyable travel experience for our passengers.”

Meeting a friend’s flight and need a quick bite?

Dine Pre-Security
Every terminal now offers food and beverage concessions pre-security.  Recent additions such as SUBWAY, Starbucks, Jetbox Market and Peet’s Coffee & Tea feature sandwiches, fresh baked goods and more.


  1. Terminal A, ticketing lobby
    • Starbucks
    • SUBWAY
  2. Terminal B, ticketing lobby
    • Peet’s Coffee & Tea
  3. Terminal C, baggage claim
    • Jetbox Market
  4. Terminal D, ticketing lobby
    • Starbucks
  5. Terminal E, International Arrivals meet & greet area
    • Starbucks
    1. Terminal E, International Arrivals meet & greet area
      • Starbucks
  6. IAH Marriott Hotel, main lobby (take the Subway from any terminal to the IAH Marriott

    - FLIGHTS (sit-down dining with table service)


  1. Main Lobby
    • Pappas Bar-B-Q
  2. International Arrivals meet & greet area
    • Peet’s Coffee & Tea

Need a last minute gift or item before or after your flight?
Shop Pre-Security

A variety of new shops in pre-security locations offer snacks and beverages along with regional gifts, reading material and travel products.


  • Terminal A, ticketing lobby
    • Culturemap
  • Terminal B, ticketing lobby
    • Allen’s Landing
  • Terminal E, International Arrivals meet & greet area
    • The Wall Street Journal


  1. Baggage Claim
    • H-Town
  2. Main Lobby
    • KPRC 2 News
  3. International Arrivals meet & greet area
    • Culturemap

To learn more about dining and shopping at IAH and HOU, go to

Search Dine options by location, and/or restaurant type, including kid-friendly, gluten-free and vegetarian for IAH or HOU.  The ability to search by entrée cost ($, $$ or $$$) will be available beginning March 10.

Search Shop options by location, hours and shop type for IAH or HOU.