Crunch Time – Heavy Machinery Characterizes Ongoing Construction as Terminal Modernization Program Advances 
June 22, 2021

If you’ve departed or arrived at George Bush Intercontinental Airport recently, you have likely noticed the roadway construction that is paving the way for a new elite and technologically advanced international terminal, which is one of two main projects under the IAH Terminal Redevelopment Program, ITRP.  

Roadway and utility construction on North Terminal Road at Bush Airport has necessitated the temporary reduction in the number of lanes leading to Terminals C, D and E. Traffic congestion is likely during peak times for passengers departing from these terminals. Passengers are encouraged to build an extra hour into their trip time and – very important – follow the signage.  

“During this time of tremendous growth and expansion, communication with passengers, stakeholders and the community is critical,” Houston Airports Director of Communications and Public Relations Foti Kallergis said. “This expansion puts our intentions on full display as we create facilities for which the airport, the city and the country can truly be proud. We want everyone to know that this temporary inconvenience will yield great dividends for our city.”  

Please access the link below for tips to passengers departing from these terminals.   


The Terminal D/E Parking Garage is now permanently closed, making way for construction of the incredible new international terminal arrivals and departures hall. The new hall will vastly improve the experience for passengers traveling to and from international destinations and will create jobs for Houstonians.  

Additional ITRP construction activities includes the ongoing Radio Intermediate Distribution Frame, RIDF, Relocation Project which will enable and improve the airport’s extensive communications network.     

These lane closures and temporary inconveniences to some passengers are being minimized as much as possible in making way for the further modernization of Bush Airport, the highest-ranked U.S. airport and the second-best airport in North America at the 2020 Skytrax World Airport Awards.  

In June, construction included: 

  • installation of a new Centerpoint Energy electrical duct bank to serve the ITRP projects; 

  • foundations started for the temporary sterile corridor adjacent to existing Terminal D; 

  • utility work continues for the new D West Pier and; 

  • new waterline began installation on North Terminal Road for service capacity expansion in the central terminal area. 

In July, construction entails: 

  • continuation of roadway improvements on North Terminal Road; 

  • CenterPoint continues with the installation of an electrical duct bank on North Terminal Road; 

  • Foundation work begins for the new D West terminal and; 

  • Selective demolition begins at night for the existing Terminal D/E Garage. 

The overall ITRP scope is comprised of two large projects making up the International Terminal Complex and enabling projects. The International Terminal Complex is comprised of:   

  • The International Terminal – North Concourse Project. This is comprised of two parts – the refurbishment and re-life of the existing Terminal D facility; and the demolition and construction of the New Terminal D West Concourse.  

  • The International Terminal - Central Processor (ICP) and Federal Inspection Services (FIS) Project.  This is comprised of the demolition of the existing Terminal D-E Garage, roadway modifications and construction of the new International Central Processor (ICP) building. In addition, there will be modifications to the existing Federal Inspection Services (FIS) building.  

The Program’s careful planning includes safeguarding for even further expansion of the international terminal as passenger and airline traffic grows beyond the record levels attained in 2019, pre-pandemic.