On the Move: HAS Portable Collection Brings Local Art to a Variety of Audiences
Oct. 9, 2014

There’s a chance visitors could experience a bit of “décor déjà vu” while walking through some terminals at George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH).

It’s more than a coincidence — it’s the result of efforts by the Houston Airport System (HAS) public art program. The program’s portable collection can be found in installations in Terminal A and Terminal D, and features work by artists from the Houston area and the surrounding region.

“It represents our city, and it represents our people,” said program director Pam Ingersoll. “The majority of the art we have comes from artists in Houston and the region. It’s our way of supporting them while giving visitors a real feel for what Houston is about.”

Recently, 19 new works were added to the Terminal A “link” gallery, and nine new displays of paintings or wall-mounted worked will be added soon in Terminal D. As well, five have been installed in the HAS Administration Building Media Room.

But the displays aren’t static — the pieces are moved periodically so that the diverse visitors to the different terminals have a chance to experience different parts of the collection.

“It offers a chance to different exposure to different artists,” Ingersoll said. “It’s a touch of variety, especially for those regular travelers coming to the airport.”

The collection is valued at more than $300,000 and helps provide a unique customer service that when experienced, exceeds the travelers’ expectations of the airport environment. The portable collection complements the 168 permanent works of art— which include free-standing sculptures, paintings, and architectural enhancements — exhibited at all three HAS airports.

Learn more about the HAS public art program online.