The Houston Airport System and Edge4Vets Partner to Provide FREE Job Prep Workshop for Veterans

Vets will have a chance to 'connect' with the airport and business partners during event set for April 4

March 5, 2018

HOUSTON — The Houston Airport System (HAS) in partnership with the Edge4Vets team and other local sponsors will provide training and job opportunities for some of our nation’s service personnel who are returning to the civilian workforce.  It’s all apart of the effort to identify talented personnel for local aviation jobs, while ensuring that the right consideration is given to those who have fought and served.

“Veterans have made great employees for HAS and our process for hiring is open to all and is competitive,” said Harleen Hines-Smith, HAS’ Chief Human Resources Officer. “The Edge4Vets program provides clarity to our vets about what employers are looking for, so that they can articulate how their skills translate into real assets for the right company.”

“Edge4Vets is excited to expand our operation across the U.S. through partnership with the Houston Airport System,” said Edge4Vets Founder Tom Murphy. “Our veterans consistently bring a lot to the table for any workforce, especially at airports where their teamwork and ability to take on tasks with calm during emergency makes our airports safer.”

The Edge4Vets program consists of two components, the first is the “PREP” phase.  It involves an online preparation program that helps veterans translate their military skills into terminology that resonates with recruiters and HR specialist. During this phase, veterans create their own personal “Plan4Success” which helps identify their most important skill sets and leadership experiences that help them stand out.

After the “PREP” phase, participants are invited to “CONNECT” with recruiters and employers from the airport system and affiliated business partners.  The airport system and the business partners provide supervisors who act as mentors providing guidance for veteran applicants.  The goal is to hold conversations and help the veteran understand where their skills may best be utilized, in this case in the air travel industry.  

Edge4Vets was developed by the Human Resiliency Institute at Fordham University in New York and comes to HAS in partnership with Airport Council International – North America following successful applications on the East and West Coasts. For more information about Edge4Vets, visit: