Tips for Holiday Travel
Dec. 5, 2016

With the holiday travel season already off the ground across the U.S., millions of travelers will be passing through Houston Airports headed to celebrations around the world.

There are a number of things travelers can do to help keep things moving smoothly in and out of the airports. One key will be drop off and pick up locations at both airports. Both Bush Airport and Hobby Airport have a “active loading” policy — like all airports across the United States — which means that while dropping off or picking up passengers, parking is not permitted near the terminal in those designated loading and unloading areas.

However, there is a way to get to the airport early without having to park in a terminal garage or drive laps in the traffic circling the facilities. Cell phone lots at both Bush Airport and Hobby Airport are available for those waiting to pick up arriving passengers.

There are two cell phone lots at Bush Airport — one just off northbound John F. Kennedy Boulevard and one off westbound Will Clayton Boulevard — and at Hobby Airport a cell phone lot is available on westbound Airport Boulevard, just before the entrance to the airport.

The lots are open every day, and there is no charge to park at the cell phone lots for short term waits. Signage marks all three locations, and drivers can wait there until their arriving party has claimed their checked bags and are ready for  pick up at curbside.

Using the cell phone lots can alleviate both congestion on the pickup and drop off locations and provide a quick, stress-free trip to the airport.

Information on the Bush Airport lots can be found online at this link, and at Hobby Airport at this link.

Here are five helpful hints that can make traveling this time of year a little easier:

  1. Get to Airport early: Arrive two hours before scheduled departure time to ensure plenty of time for parking and unloaded.
  2. Parking: Reserve a parking spot early by making a reservation here. Save at the ecopark lots at Bush Airport with this 20% off coupon.
  3. Use technology: The passenger-focused website is the best stop for information on flight status, parking available, shopping at the airport and even wait times at TSA security checkpoints. Use the webste to get the latest flight information . Check in for flight 24 hours prior to departure. The free WiFi at both Bush and Hobby airports has been rated as some of the fastest in any airport in the country and world, and there are plenty of charging stations and some seating at both airports with electrical outlets for re-charging mobile devices.
  4. Prepare for security line: Have boarding pass and ID ready for display, remove shoes and everything from pockets before going through the metal detector or whole body imaging technology at the checkpoint. Follow the 3-1-1 rule in regards to liquids in your carry-on bag. Visit the TSA’s website ( for a list of prohibited items and helpful travel tips, and if you’re a member of TSA Pre✓, follow the signs at checkpoints to participate in expedited screening.
  5. Relax: Houston Airports have plenty of amenities to help enhance the passenger experience before their flight.
  • Harmony in the Air is a live performing arts program featuring some of the Houston’s best local talent.
  • Take time to enjoy the new concessions available at Houston Airports featuring local favorites like Pink’s Pizza to well-known brands like Dylan’s Candy Bar
  • Pamper yourself at XpresSpa and head to your destination refreshed.
  • Finish your Holiday shopping. Houston Airports offers a wide of retail shops that are sure to please from Mac Cosmetics to Pandora, Best Buy, Paul & Shark and many more.

Learn more about both airports at the Houston Airports website.