In their own words | College student details what it’s like inside one of the busiest airports
July 20, 2023

At 18 years old, college student Petru Nechiti is weaving his story into the history of Houston Airports. The Houston native launched the Houston Airports College Volunteer Program this summer. The American University student seized an opportunity to represent his hometown while melding his passion for aviation with the joy of customer service.  
As Nechiti wrapped his time behind an information booth at George Bush Intercontinental Airport, he shared, “I love the excitement and thrill of being in an airport while meeting amazing people daily. Every shift teaches you something new.” 

As a Houston Airports Volunteer Ambassador, Nechiti was among the first to greet passengers to Houston during his months at Bush Airport. Whether it’s a welcoming smile or pointing an airport guest in the right direction, the Volunteer Ambassador Program is crucial to supporting the millions of passengers who visit Houston’s airports each year. Our team of Ambassadors represents Houston, the most diverse city in the United States. Nechiti recalls assisting at least one passenger with hotel arrangements. 

“I wrote down her confirmation number, hotel name, and every other detail that might allude her in the coming minutes and called the shuttle to get her picked up,” said Nechiti. “Pointing her to shuttle pickup, she smiled, thanked me, and stated, “I wouldn’t have survived without you.” I felt warmth, happiness, and motivation to keep helping.” 

Houston Airports is seeking Volunteer Ambassadors who are friendly, outgoing and passionate about connecting with people. Our team is looking to add customer-focused, reliable and efficient problem-solvers to provide general airport details at information booths throughout our terminals.

“Come join our team. Your life will change,” Ella Ghica, Volunteer Program Manager for Houston Airports. “The interaction with airport guests cultivates personal satisfaction and pride.  You will make new friends, have so much fun and find purpose in offering helpful advice to those who need it.” 

Ghica hopes Nechiti’s experience will encourage more college students to volunteer during the summer break.  

“This experience taught me truly how vital kindness and going above and beyond for our customers is, especially when they are in distress,” said Nechiti. “I am grateful that I get the ability to experience this and look forward to continue meeting people and having a great time while volunteering with Houston Airports.”