Houston Airports Debuts New Website Content Dedicated to Business and Partners Community
Jan. 16, 2018

Houston Airports has completed the final phase of a complete redesign of its website. fly2houston.com is divided into two areas: Passenger, dedicated to the travel experience, and the newly redesigned section, which is geared to the Business and Partner community.

The Business and Partnerships section of the website is available at fly2houston.com/biz. Users using the former URL will be redirected to the new site. The Passenger side of the website was completed in 2016 and has since received awards and recognition for enhancing the passenger's digital experience via customer service-related technology innovation.

The primary objectives of the Business and Partnerships site development efforts were focused on improving the user experience: unifying the airport brand, aesthetics and simplifying the content. The new mobile-friendly design also allows for streamlined menus, clear navigation and a responsive crisp layout for all platforms.

Job seekers will find a new Careers section which features Houston Airports employees, and some of the great and unique work done every day to support the airport system's vision of operating five-star airports.

The other main sections include Business Opportunities, Outreach, About Us, and Resources. Badging is now located under the Resources section. Contracting, Solicitations and Industry Day resources can be found under the Business Opportunities section. However, all former links are redirected to the new website.

The Business and Partnerships section is also mobile-responsive, which has  earned  the passenger section of fly2houston.com many accolades including being termed by industry experts as the "best airport website in the world."

The Houston Airport System worked with digital partner Mouth Watering Media to design the site, and Avidel Consulting served as project manager. 

View the website at www.fly2houston.com/biz.