Construction on New Terminal Impacts Roadways at Bush Airport
Sept. 8, 2015

Beginning the evening of Tuesday, Sept. 8, North Terminal Road at George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) will no longer stretch along all five of the terminal buildings (A,B,C,D & E).  .  This closure will mean that only passengers traveling to Terminal C, D & E will be able to utilize North Terminal Road as the roadway will be closed to through traffic at a location found just beyond Terminal C near the Marriott Hotel.  Traffic which could previously run the complete length of the five terminal facilities, will no longer be able to do so along one straight roadway path.

The closure will only stretch across approximately 300 feet of roadway but because of its location, the entryway system at IAH will strongly reinforce the existing message:  There is a singular path to access Terminal A, Terminal B and the Marriott Hotel.  There is a completely different path for accessing Terminal C, Terminal D and Terminal E.

This entryway system has been in place for a considerable period of time and the existing wayfinding signage does provide the correct directions to provide traffic flow to all terminals.  However in the past, North Terminal Road provided drivers with an alternative route to the terminals by allowing them to drive from east to west the length of the terminal area and access all five terminal facilities.  We encourage our customers and employees to slow down and read and follow the posted signs.

If a driver mistakenly chooses the wrong roadway system (i.e. a Terminal A customer enters along the Terminal C – D –E entry point), then the driver should simply follow the directional signage which will guide them towards the correct path.

United Airlines is in the process of building a new Terminal C North facility, which is also the first step towards the Houston Airport System constructing the new Mickey Leland International Terminal. The New Terminal C North will be physically located between the existing Terminal B and Terminal C north terminals.  To provide safe construction access to the New Terminal C North construction site, the North Terminal Road will be divided between an eastern route (to access Terminals C, D and E), and a western route (to access Terminals A, B and the Marriott Hotel). 

All five terminals at IAH will remain easily accessible from both Will Clayton Parkway and John F. Kennedy Boulevard during all construction phases

WHO:    Drivers typically crossing all 5 terminals along North Terminal Rd

WHAT:  Roadway Redesign

WHEN:  Roadway impacts are expected to begin the evening of Sept. 8 and will result in the closure of East-West traffic just beyond Terminal C near the Marriott Hotel.

WHERE: Upon the start of construction, there will be only a singular path to access Terminal A, Terminal B and the Marriott Hotel.  There is a different path available for accessing Terminal C, Terminal D and Terminal E.

WHY:      To facilitate construction access associated with a new Terminal C North facility.

Stay up-to-date with the New Terminal C North by viewing our construction webcam.