Liliana Rambo, CAPP
General Manager, William P. Hobby Airport
Houston Airport System

Liliana Rambo, CAPP, is the General Manager (GM) for William P. Hobby Airport (HOU). 

She is responsible for directing the day-to-day management of HOU, as well as establishing policies, procedures, guidelines and project schedules for HOU. She is also responsible for developing the collaborative relationships with our air carriers, tenants and team members to excel at providing a customer-friendly, safe, secure and efficient operation at HOU to the travelling public. In addition, she coordinates the preparation, implementation and monitoring of the budget and expenditures for HOU, among other duties.

Rambo served as the President of Winpark, a Houston-based parking operating company that provides facilities in Houston, San Francisco, Dallas, Sacramento, Phoenix and Austin. Prior to Winpark, Rambo served as the Parking Director for the Houston Airports (HAS) overseeing an operation of over 35,000 parking spaces and achieving annual parking revenue of over $100 million. Rambo has also served as the Parking Management Director for the City of Houston (COH), managing on-street parking operations. Additionally, Rambo led the City of Hollywood, Florida’s, Office of Parking Services and was the director of off-street operations for the Miami Parking Authority. 

Rambo holds a Master’s of Science in Management from St. Thomas University and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and International Business from Florida International University. She has held key leadership roles within the parking community, most recently as the chair of the board of directors for the International Parking Institute. Rambo has also served on the board of directors of the Florida Parking Association and the board of directors of the Texas Parking Association, which recognized her with its Distinguished Service Award.