TSA Agent Showcases Houston Friendly Spirit
July 12, 2017

Recently while working at the securing checkpoint in the Federal Inspection Area, TSA Lead Transportation Security Office (LTSO) Adolphus Ross noticed a passenger that appeared to be under the influence. LTSO Ross who was positioned to monitor operations, immediately approached the search table to engage with the passenger. The passenger’s bag was flagged, and he became noticeably more upset.

As LTSO Ross began to interact and listen closely to the passenger, he found that the passenger not only got separated from his travel companions but also lost his hearing aid. LTSO Ross gathered information from the passenger and coordinated with his airline. They were able to find the hearing aid and rebook the passenger who missed his initial flight. LTSO escorted the passenger to his gate and ensured he was ok and made his flight.

LTSO Ross took the initiative and demonstrated the Integrity, Innovation and Team Spirit values that TSA promotes and helped to enhance the passenger’s airport experience as George Bush Intercontinental Airport strives to become a five-star rated airport.