Houston Friendly Spotlight - Transportation Security Officer Stephanie Cannon
Aug. 8, 2018

Transportation Security Officer Stephanie Cannon recently encountered a passenger who lost his heart medication.

Her manager stated, “an elderly man came to the checkpoint to see if anyone had found a small, metal cylinder that contained his heart medication. Officer Cannon looked around the x-ray machine and inquired if anyone had turned it in. Unfortunately, her search came up empty, and the gentleman left the area very worried. He later stated to an United Airlines representative that he was not comfortable flying without his medicine and would have to consider rescheduling until he could get another prescription filled.”

A short time later, Officer Cannon located the medicine. As her manager was going to make the page for the passenger to return to the security checkpoint, Officer Cannon remembered that she asked the gentleman for his flight information and wrote it down. She quickly ran to his gate and united the passenger with his medication.

Her manager nominated her for a Houston Friendly award noting, “she went above and beyond to return the medication to the passenger, proving her duties go beyond the checkpoint.”