Excellence in Customer Service Honored at Annual Luncheon
Nov. 9, 2017

Houston Airports recently held its fouth annual Houston Friendly Rewards & Recognition Awards Luncheon. The event was attended by more than 300 employees of working at the Houston Airports, including the airlines, the Transportation Security Agency, Customs and Border Protection, Houston Police, Houston Fire, concessions companies and parking agencies who help to enhance the passenger experience at Houston Airports. 

“Customer Service is our top priority at Houston Airports, and that does not happen without committed and dedicated employees who embrace that vision,” said Saba Abashawl Chief External Affairs Officer. “It is important to recognize those extraordinary employees who go above and beyond to enhance the travel experience for our passengers. Their willingness to not just meet, but exceed customers’ needs and expectations help us provide a positive and memorable experience every time they come to our airports. The winners as well as the nominees should be proud of their achievements and serve as an example to everyone at Houston Airports.”

The event’s theme was the "Roaring 20's," a time when aviation was in its infancy.  Ellington Airport was only three years old, William P. Hobby Airport would open in 1927 and  George Bush Intercontinental Airport was not even a thought. This year, Ellington Airport recently celebrated its 100th anniversary, Hobby Airport celebrated its 90th and Bush Intercontinental will be celebrating 50 years in 2019.

"We decided to go back to that era of glamour and timeless style to celebrate the achievements of our employees and pay tribute to the continued success of the airports,'" said Mary McKnight Airport Initiatives & Volunteer Service Manager. "Every detail was dedicated to that era in time."

The list of winners for the Third Annual Houston Friendly awards are as follows:

Mystery Shop Employee of the Year Award

This award recognizes the employee who has been acknowledged throughout the year for scoring the highest on the monthly mystery shop surveys. In Addition, they positively impact the Houston Airports overall image by exceeding customer expectations.

Winner, Food and Beverage: Edgar Cisneros with Four Families

Winner, Retail: Cecilia Hucks with the Paradies Lagardere

Commitment to Excellence Award

This award recognizes the employee receiving the most complementary letters and comment cards during a determined timeframe. The recipient routinely has a positive impact on the customer and is passionate about giving a high-level of service.

Winner: Sydni Fisher with SSP America and Keylonda Brown with New South Parking

Unsung Hero/Heroine Award

This award recognizes the employee who has gone above and beyond their work responsibilities. The service act enhanced the Airport’s overall image by exceeding customer expectations.

Winner: Adolphus Ross III  with TSA

Heroic  Service Award

This award recognizes an employee whose principal role involves direct, face-to face customer contact and who helped to save a life, assisted an ill passenger or made a significant impact at the Airport.  This employee positively enhances the Airport’s overall image by exceeding customer expectations.

Winner: Michael Roman with U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Reunited Award

This award recognizes an employee who went out of their way to reunite a customer with a lost item or person. This act is not part of the employee’s normal job description.

Winner: Ana Castillo and Anitra Westmoreland with TSA

Spotlight  Award

This award recognizes an employee who provided outstanding customer service based on the unique challenges that were overcome, resulting in a “Wow Factor” for the customer.

Winner: Joe Stiles, Houston Airports Volunteer

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners for their hardwork! Photos from the event are available here.