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Interfaith Chapels

The Airport Interfaith Chapels serve the airport employees, the traveling public and the airport community at large. We serve nearly 50 million travelers from all over the world, flying not only on business and pleasure trips, but also on missions of sorrow, illness, and personal tragedy on a daily basis.

There are now two Interfaith Chapels located at Bush Intercontinental (IAH) Airport. The first is located in Terminal C near Gates 29-33 and the newest chapel can be found in Terminal D, near Gate 8. 

The Interfaith Chapels at Hobby (HOU) are located on the baggage claim level next to the escalator/elevators going up to the 2nd level (pre security) and on the Central Concourse near Gate 40 (post security)

Our Mission

The Interfaith Chapel continues to grow and to reach the airport community with an ever expanding mission --- to provide a place of comfort, meditation, worship and aid for the traveling public and the airport community.

The Airport Chaplain and Volunteers serve ALL- every religion and sect is recognized and each tradition is valued and respected for its benefit to mankind.

The Airport Interfaith Chapel is:

  • A caring, understanding listener and pastoral counselor.
  • A helpful hand at any airline terminal or airport facility where there is a need, anytime of the night or day, every day of the week.
  • People who assist airport employees relating faith and meaning to the daily pressures of their jobs.
  • Individuals who freely offer knowledgeable advice and spiritual counsel in helping people deal with many of life's pressures and air travel problems.
  • Information, guidance and consolation to the confused, lonely or grief-stricken passenger.
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  • A hand of friendship to members of the airport community, and contact with local religious leaders and congregations of their own faith.
  • A retreat where people of all faiths can give thanks or meditate.

History of the Chapel

The Interfaith Chapel is the realization of a dream; the dream of a small prayer group.

The idea for an airport chapel was inspired by Kathryn Claflin after she visited the Prayer Chapel at the New Orleans Airport in February, 1967. Ms. Claflin was favorably impressed with the New Orleans Chapel, and was filled with an overwhelming conviction that the new Houston Intercontinental Airport, which was then only beginning to take shape, should have a beautiful, quiet place for meditation and prayer.

The idea caught on immediately with the group, but no one knew how to proceed! However, over a two year period, the idea was carried step by step from inception to realization on wings of prayer. From 1967 to June 8, 1969 when the airport and the chapel opened, countless numbers of interested people served on committees to secure, furnish and staff the original chapel which was located in Terminal B.

By 1980, Houston air traffic increased dramatically and Terminal C was built. A space on the main concourse was specially designed for the new chapel. A chaplain began serving the public part time, and with the help of a few volunteers, he started ministering not only to travelers, but also to thousands of airport employees.

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