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Serving the Houston area for 45 years, George Bush Intercontinental Airport has seen lots of changes.

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IAH 45th Birthday Celebration - June 7, 2014  
















Historical Photos  

IAH is officially named George Bush
Intercontinental Airport in 1997
Terminal D opens
The ITT train (underground train) was
created by Disney & Mickey came to unveil it
The ITT train in its first days
IAH in 1970
Terminal B in 1970
Flight attendants in 1969
Terminal B ticketing lobby in 1969
Terminal B in 1969
Houston Intercontinental Airport Opening Day
in June 1969
IAH in 1969
Terminal A ticketing lobby in 1969
Terminal A construction in 1968
South ramp in 1968
Terminal A construction with original FAA
tower in 1968



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