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FBO's & Other Tenants

Many businesses and other government agencies operate in and around Bush Intercontinental Airport to provide a full range of services to meet the operational, "creature comfort", and safety needs of scheduled service travelers as well as the many private and general aviation users of the airport facilities.

The following lists some of the many types of services and businesses operating in and around the airport and the companies providing those services.


Fixed Based Operators (FBO's)

Tenant Contact
Signature Flight Support
Atlantic Aviation 281-443-3434

Aircraft Handlers

Tenant Contact
Cargo Airport Services USA 281-443-2305
Delta Staffing Services 732-560-9000
Integrated Airline 281-209-1711
Miami Aircraft Services 281-443-3904
AMR Services 703-706-5260
Ogden Aviation Services 281-443-7356

Government Agencies

Tenant Contact
Federal Aviation Administration 281-230-8400
Pilot - One Call Briefing 800-992-7433
NOTAMS 800-833-5602
Air Traffic Control Tower 281-230-8400
APHIS Facility/Plant Inspection Station 281-443-2063
Federal Bureau of Investigation 713-693-5000
National Weather Service 281-337-5074
U.S. Customs and Border Protection 281-230-4600
U.S. Department of Agriculture 281-469-7856
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service 281-876-1520
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement 281-774-4968
U.S. Passport Office 877-487-2778
U. S. Postal Office 281-319-5520
U.S. Secret Service 713-868-2299

Other Tenants

Tenant Contact
USO 281-443-2451
Chartway Federal Credit Union 281-443-6780
Chelsea Catering 281-553-8300
Dobbs International 281-821-0111
Red Cross/Travelers Aid 713-526-8300
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