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Airport Human Resources/Personnel Training

We firmly believe that employees are the most important factor in the success of your airport. A customized HAS Development Corporation (HASDC) employee-training plan would enable your organization to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

We draw from our own pool of experts and other institutions to provide customized and practical airport management and technical training. We also offer internships at the Houston Airport System (HAS) airports and other airports that have similar characteristics to your airport.

Transfer of knowledge, strategic orientation workshops, airport "best practices" training, personnel selection assessment centers and other specialized management and technical training can be developed to meet your airport's specific requirements.

For more information about any of the below listed training programs please Click Here .

Examples of customized Training programs offered include:

  • Comprehensive Airport Management Program
  • Concessions Program
  • Disaster and Emergency Preparedness and Response Familiarization Program
  • Operation Security and Safety Program
  • Airport Operations Work Study: development of airport certification manual
  • ARFF Training/HAZMAT Training in conjunction with Texas & AM (TEEX)
  • Building and Field Maintenance Programs including Work Order Systems
  • Construction Programs

Transitional Planning and Assistance

Whether it be a U.S. airport operator converting a military base to civilian use or the privatization of a foreign airport, HAS has extensive experience in setting up new airport management and operations.

HAS is experienced in assisting airport operators who want to implement transition initiatives. HAS will work with your team to ensure a seamless transition from one airport owner/operator to another. Through the years, HAS earned a solid reputation for understanding in-depth issues, concerns and sensitivities surrounding airport transfers.

A detailed transition plan, including a comprehensive checklist and breakdown of essential activities for a seamless transition can be developed and customized for your airport. Operational, maintenance, financial, commercial and administrative aspects will be thoroughly addressed in the plan.



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