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Capital Project Management

Airports, by their nature, are dynamic and complicated businesses. Demands on infrastructure are always heavy and often require renovation/expansion due to life cycle depletion or new technologies in the business. Having done many billions of dollars of airport construction work, the Houston Airport System (HAS) offers a menu of Project Management Services that can make any given airport project less difficult for the Owner and less complicated for the Owner's design/construction team.

Project Management Service Philosophy

The continuum for defining a project, planning, designing, and implementing construction and commissioning must be controlled. All activities must be governed by airport safety and security regulations as projects proceed. Our governing philosophy is kept simple for all project participants to appreciate.

HAS allows project participants to succeed in the timely application of their expertise by regulating scopes of work, budget and schedule in a manner that is risk adverse and safe for the Owner, project participants, and the public, our customers. Following is a profile of indicative services of HAS, which provides for the realization of its philosophy for a given project. Keep in mind that all services are tailored to airport development and are not generic commercial services:

  • Development of project definition and planning
  • Financial modeling and support through fund acquisition
  • Support with public and stakeholder consultation programs
  • Selection of design professionals
  • Management of design development programs
  • Plan reviews and value engineering
  • Operational design reviews
  • Environmental reviews
  • Solicitation of construction and contracting services
  • Contract documentation
  • Ongoing project status and cost reporting
  • Problem resolution during construction
  • Budget and contingency management
  • Procurement advisory services
  • Commissioning procedures for new works
  • Transition and contract close-out procedures

Retail Planning and Implementation

The world's most progressive airports have realized the value of enhancing revenues through the development of leading-edge retail services. Through George Bush Intercontinental Airport, the Houston Airport System has developed international experience in retail planning and concession analysis, development and management. As retailing specialists, HAS Development Corporation (HASDC) brings this same commercial expertise to your airport to develop retail strategies, thematic plans and designs, layout and merchandise plans, and customer service programs.

HASDC retail experts and strategic partners have the experience to introduce the latest retail concepts to your airport. They determine whether to renovate existing facilities or to improve store design, increase customer satisfaction levels and maximize commercial revenues. HASDC welcomes the opportunity to work with you to help build your retail services.

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