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Planning, Design and Construction

Along with the intense responsibilities associated with operating an airport on a daily basis, airport management is also responsible for providing a vision for the future development of the airport to maintain pace with demand. Airport Planning is an organized strategy for developing plans for the future management of airport operations, facilities, airfield configurations, and environmental impacts. Based on our experience of planning and expanding airports to meet critical needs for our customers, the Houston Airport System (HAS) brings a full range of expertise and services to the project. Some highlights of our airport planning experience include:

  • Implemented Airport Land Use Compatibility Ordinance within areas surrounding airports in a City where no zoning exists in order to preserve the ability of the airports to expand.

  • Other HAS Development Corporation (HASDC) planning services include:

  • Facilities Planning
    Assess and define the future needs for airside, and landside facilities

  • Airport Master Planning
    Defining facilities required for the future through an airport inventory, airport layout plan and forecasting in conjunction with other local agencies providing transportation and community infrastructure

  • Land Use Planning

  • Preparing on and off airport land use plans to assure development compatible with airport operations

  • Environmental Planning

  • Maintaining or improving the existing environmental conditions while developing future airport facilities

  • Strategic Planning

  • Maximizing the future potential of the airport for the community

  • Airport System Planning

  • Coordinating growth with other regional airports and ground transportation planning and infrastructure agencies

  • Federal Grant Programs

  • Airport Terminal Development Plan

    When an air terminal, cargo or other facilities need to be expanded or replaced, HAS brings the experience necessary to incorporate both a functional and operational design as seen from an airport operator's perspective and a local thematic design that creates a sense of place and time for travelers. HAS works with local partners to develop a design that fits the location of the airport. The design of Bush Intercontinental Airport's Terminal E, for example, incorporates a Signature Design theme highlighting the uniqueness of an international terminal, while combining passenger convenience and functionality.

    Airports are recognizing that air terminal development often results in poor commercial performance and inefficient passenger flows. HAS produces Air Terminal Building Development Plans that identify future requirements and associated airside and landside needs, maximizing both aeronautical and non-aeronautical revenues.

    HAS can analyze the demands placed on each sub-system of the terminal building and propose alternatives to meet your airport's future objectives. In addition, HAS can help identify financing sources to construct and operate the new terminal projects through a build, operate and transfer (BOT) arrangement through its affiliation with ADC & HAS which manages and develops privatized airports.

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