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Airport Management and Operation

Based on our experience of managing and operating airports, HAS Development Corporation (HASDC) brings a full range of expertise and services to the project. Some highlights of our operating experience and service philosophy follow:
  • The Houston Airport System (HAS) developed a corporate culture where safety comes first.
  • HAS created and implemented a "commercial" philosophy of airport management. Our airports are managed as businesses, with the goal of maximizing revenues and productivity, controlling costs, and providing excellent customer service.
  • HAS brings a proven record of developing new air services, and we can apply this skill to provide specialized marketing and strategic planning support. An active strategic advocacy program would be developed to maintain existing customers and attract new passenger and cargo services. Cooperative initiatives would be undertaken with different levels of government to assess the potential for free-trade zones, commercial land use, and other commercial ventures.
  • HAS provides a strategic approach to airport management. We can build on an airport's strengths and take advantage of ongoing changes in the local/regional economies, the airport and airline industries, and economic and aviation trends around the world.
  • HAS understands the airport customer and the importance of developing customer driven airport facilities to maximize revenues.
  • HAS is an international airport operator, completely familiar with aviation laws, regulations and operating procedures and at the forefront of new developments in airport operations.
  • HAS has the depth to provide the specialized services that medium and smaller airports are unable to provide in-house. For example, if the airports were to require the services of an aeronautical noise analyst or specialist in aircraft fueling systems, it would be difficult to justify the expertise in-house.
  • HAS assists with the forging of trade links important to air cargo and air courier growth through its existing contacts in the airport and aviation community.
  • The HAS team provides the leadership and guidance necessary to ensure that an airport is well run and realizes its full commercial potential. We are experts at creating, managing and updating operational policies and documentation to meet all safety and certification requirements.

Other HASDC services include:

  • Airport Management Audits
  • Airside, landside and airport-wide safety plans
  • On airport and regional airport emergency response plans
  • Air Traffic Control interface
  • Operational policies and procedures and airport operations manuals
  • Security, badge planning and procedures and law enforcement interface
  • Legal and regulatory requirements
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Field Maintenance
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