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Technical Advisors

Airport Technical Consulting is one of the many vital services that HAS Development Corporation (HASDC)provides to Airports. These services are provided on-site and on a contract basis, thus enabling the airports to rely on highly trained professional technical staff without compromising personnel resources. These programs are specifically tailored to the specific development of programs and facilities, such as:
  • Business planning and financing
  • Marketing
  • Aviation activity forecasting
  • Retail design and implementation
  • Cargo feasibility/development
  • Master and land-use planning
  • Air terminal planning and design
  • Capital project management and coordination
  • Management and technical training and internships
  • Due diligence and airport assessments
  • Environmental management, planning and reviews
  • Policy and price development plans

HASDC also provides a wide range of civil-aviation related consulting and technical assistance services: safety, security, noise monitoring, airside operations, aerodrome physical standards, etc.

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