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Hangars and Tie-Down Spaces for Lease


Ellington Airport currently has tie-down spaces available for owners of personal aircraft to lease. All tie-down spaces must be requested by contacting the Airport Operations Department. To submit a request for a tie-down space, or for single or twin engine aircraft, or to lease a hangar visit the Houston Airport System's administrative offices (building 510) at Ellington Airport during the hours of 800 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

For more information on the availability of hangars or tie-down spaces call 713.847.4217 or e-mail thangar@houstontx.gov.

If you would be interested in building your own hangar, we do have property available for lease. Please Click Here for more information.

Small Hangar

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Large Hangar


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Examples of aircraft currently renting a small hangar space include the 400 series Cessna, the Cherokee + Homebuilt and the Bonanza. Examples of aircraft leasing large hangar space include the 300 series Cessna, the Bonanza and the Baron.

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