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Houston Airport System Infrastructure Improvements

The Houston Airport System (HAS) recently completed a $3.1-billion construction and development program.

  1. In 2005, the Houston Airport System completed a multi-year $3.1 billion airport improvement program. The City of Houston opened Phase I of a new air cargo distribution complex for George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) to meet the growing demand for air cargo services in Houston and Southeast Texas well into the 21st century. International shippers now have improved distribution capabilities for their products through IAH’s state-of-the-art cargo facilities and continued affordable airport cargo operations. The new George Bush Intercontinental CargoCenter pushes Houston to the forefront as one of the United States’ leading air cargo gateways.
  2. Improvements also included completion of a third east-west runway, new taxiways, a new taxiway bridge, and ramp expansions. The forecasted growth of passenger traffic at IAH will be accommodated through the expansion of existing terminals, the new international terminal - Terminal E, a Federal Inspection Services facility, expansion of parking facilities, a consolidated rental car facility, and improvements to traffic flowing in and out of the airport through road and infrastructure development.
  3. The new IAH CargoCenter tripled Bush Intercontinental’s original cargo capacity and accommodates 20 wide-body aircrafts and gives airlines and shippers the ability to distribute air cargo faster and more efficiently throughout the U.S. and internationally. Additional ramp space will be constructed in Phase II as demand for more air cargo facilities increases. This will be necessary to accommodate forecasts for strong air cargo growth in Houston.

  4. Federal inspection services (INS, USCS, USDA and USHIS) are located in one stand-alone facility within the IAH CargoCenter to provide easy one-stop-service to customs brokers, air cargo carriers, and all other cargo customers.
  5. IAH shippers and logistics managers can easily access the proposed I-69 “NAFTA Superhighway” to move air cargo into and out of Houston. The highway, to be located less than five miles from IAH, will link North America’s most important markets.
  6. Improvements to the area roadway system support IAH’s new air cargo distribution complex and the growing demand for seamless air-to-truck logistics.
  7. Among the projects to be completed under the new master plan are a new perishables cooling facility and two new runways at IAH.
  8. Development at Hobby includes a new concourse, upgrading runways and a new airport master plan to guide the airport through 2022.

Learn more about master plan developments at the Houston Airport System

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