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Tenant Improvement Program

The Houston Airport System (HAS) Tenant Improvement Manual defines uniform design and construction standards for Airport Tenants in the construction of new or modification of existing facilities within present or future Airport boundaries.

Adherence to the Standards should maintain a consistent aesthetic tone, and assure the installation of materials of high quality in appearance, maintenance, and energy-conscious characteristics.

Tenant Improvement Manual

The Tenant Improvement Manual describes the HAS review and approval procedures, standards for design and construction, materials, utility services, and other Tenant improvement requirements. The Manual applies to all Tenant improvements on Airport property. The Manual is written pursuant to terms contained in all Tenant lease agreements and/or contracts concerning development, modifications or improvements to facilities. The Manual may be revised from time to time by written direction of the Director of Aviation or his designated representative.


Tenant Application

To submit an application for the Tenant Improvement Program, please Click Here to download the TIP Application.

Complete the application and email the completed application to Camille Gonzales. For any other questions, please email Camille or call her at 281-233-1029.

Submittal Procedures

HAS Standards

Spec 270526 07-28-2014 Telecommunications Grounding and Bonding

Spec 270528 09-15-2014 Interior Communication Pathways

Spec 270543 09-19-2014 Exterior Communication pathways

Spec 271100 08-26-2014 Communications Cabinets and Equipment Rooms

Spec 270553 09-19-2014 Identification and Labeling of Communication Infrastructure

Spec 271300 09-19-2014 Backbone and Riser Media Infrastructure

Spec 271500 7-28-2014 Horizontal Media Infrastructure

Spec 272100 07-29-2014 Data Communication Network Equipment

Spec 272133 06-10-2014 AIRPORT WIFI

Spec 272200 08-26-2014 PC, Laptop, and Servers Equipment

Design Manual

IAH Surveyor's Handbook Part 1

IAH Surveyor's Handbook Part 2

HOU Surveyor's Handbook

EFD Surveyor's Handbook

Telecommunications Grounding & Bonding

Identification and Labeling of Communication Infrastructure

Backbone Riser Media Infrastructure

Horizontal Media Infrastructure

Interior Communication Pathways

Exterior Communication Pathways

Communications Cabinets & Equipment Rooms

Data Communication Network Equipment

PC, Laptop and Server Equipment

Audio Communication System

CAD/Geospatial Data Standards

Plan's Cover Sheet


Contact Information

Please note that the TIP manuals are currently being redeveloped. More information and documents coming soon.

If you have any questions about the TIP process please contact Camille Gonzales via email at or call her at 281-233-1029 or fax to 281-233-1757.

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