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If you are a frequent flyer and depart from Bush Intercontinental Airport, wouldn’t it be nice to know you have a close-in parking space waiting for you at the Terminal?

The Houston Airport System offers a parking program called IAH SurePark which is a MEMBERS ONLY parking program.

A special IAH SurePark parking area has been designated in Terminal C Level 3, C-East Garage.

Members of IAH SurePark will always have a parking space when they come to the airport!

Guaranteed Parking
Members Only
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0-3 hrs $7.00
3-5 hrs $9.00
5-24 hrs $23.00

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BuyMyWash Exterior only services now available at ecopark, IAH garages C,D & E and SurePark. Order online.

For more information about this special service, please read the detailed operational information, terms and conditions. The Houston Airport System offers this special parking service to interested frequent users of the airport, and hope you will enjoy using IAH SurePark.

  • Private entry
  • You will always have a parking space
  • Close in-garage parking
  • Save time
  • The ability to specify your personal or business credit card for each stay
Access into the area is controlled by an IAH SurePark membership card. The card may be used by one individual or shared within a company, but only one person may use it at a time.

There’s a $50 refundable deposit for the card, in addition to a one-time non-refundable application fee of $200.
(These are charged to your credit card after we receive your application.)

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