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HAS recognizes the dynamic nature of businesses. To accommodate changes such as advances in technology, HAS experts are prepared to assist with all technology-related cabling.

If it is determined on the site visit that the installation is "standard," you will pay a one-time charge of $230.00 per cable.

If it is determined on the site visit that the installation is "non-standard," the scope of work will be documented and you will receive a written quotation for your review and approval. All coax and fiber installations are considered non-standard.

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Lease Options

You can lease Houston Airport System fiber instead of spending the time and money to install your own.  Contact 281-233-1900 for information.

Lease Rates:

 - No charge for tenants with leased space in a terminal building.
 - Non-tenants may lease fiber within a terminal location for $10 per strand per month.
 - Fiber connections between terminals are available at $50 per strand per month.

Copper Cable - Standard Drop
- CAT 6; Systimax standard
- From client location to assigned telecommunications room (IDF)
- Up to 225 feet, terminated and tested

Special run and connector requirements can be accomodated. Order this item. When our Representative contacts you, tell us what you need.

Cost: $230.00/per drop; installed

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