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The Customs and Border Protection (CBP) OneStop program streamlines the inspection process for international travelers arriving to George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH), allowing passengers who have only carry-on luggage faster processing in a special line.

There is no membership or registration required to participate in OneStop. Signage directs eligible passengers and crew members to one of four designated primary lanes at IAH. The main benefit of the program is the shortened entry process - travelers have both primary and exit control inspection in one location.

With OneStop, travelers provide their declaration form and approved travel documents to the CBP primary inspection officer who conducts a complete interview and review of documents to determine admissibility. Since there is no additional luggage to check, passengers are directed to a special exit where they will bypass the baggage carousels and the Exit Control area. The One-Stop primary inspection addresses all CBP requirements, which cover admissibility, customs, agriculture and national security.

Passengers are selected randomly each day for secondary interviews and a full inspection of their belongings to test vulnerabilities.

If you are an international traveler arriving at IAH with only carry-on luggage, look for the signs on the right to get you to the right line for processing.

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