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What to Expect at William P. Hobby Airport

Construction on the new international terminal at William P. Hobby Airport has begun with an estimated completion date and first international flights to Latin America scheduled for late 2015. Southwest Airlines is fully funding the new, five-gate international terminal at an estimated cost of $156 million that includes a west concourse that will house five gates designed for international operations capable of handling narrow-body transport category aircraft and the development of a Federal Inspection Services (FIS) facility. Southwest Airlines will lease four of the gates for its international destinations. The project also includes reconfiguration and expansion of the security screening checkpoint and Southwest Airlines ticket counters.

The Houston Airport System is leading the design and construction of a new multi-level parking garage and a modified roadway system at Hobby to prepare for the new terminal.



What to Expect at the New Terminal:

• A new terminal building that will be approximately 280,000 square feet
• New, expanded Southwest Airlines ticket counters
• Five new arrival/departure gates for international flights that accommodate Boeing 737 & A318-320 aircraft
    o Four gates will be dedicated to Southwest Airlines
    o One gate will be available for other interested, qualified carriers
• Security checkpoint lanes will increase from eight to 14




What to Expect at the New FIS:

• The new Federal Inspection Services (FIS) facility will be capable of processing 400 to 800 arriving passengers during peak hours
• 16 Primary/Passport Inspection Stations
• Three International Baggage Claim devices





What to Expect at the New Multi-level Parking Garage: 

• The $55 million structure will have 2,500+ new parking spaces
• It will be located along the northwest corner of the existing parking garage
• A smart parking space locator system
• Third-floor pedestrian bridge to terminal






What to Expect from the Modified Roadway System: 

• The vehicle approach will begin at the west end of the current structure
• It will feature additional spots for curbside drop-off
• It will feature an additional access point to the main check-in hall





What to Expect from the Impact to Houston: 

• It will generate more than 10,000 jobs across the Greater Houston metropolitan area
• It will provide an economic impact of $1.6 billion
• It is estimated to bring in an additional 1.6 million passengers annually to Hobby Airport




Southwest Airlines is committed to meeting the City of Houston’s Small Business Enterprise and Minority, Women-Owned Business Enterprise requirements and Hire Houston First goals.

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For more information about the project, including how to do business with Southwest Airlines, visit www.houhobby.com.

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