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Cell Phone Lot

The Cell Phone Lot will save you gas and time, plus cut down on stress, when you come to William P. Hobby Airport to pick someone up when their flight arrives.

At the Cell Phone Lot, located off of Airport Blvd, you can wait - free until your arriving party calls you on your mobile phone to tell you they have picked up their checked bags and are ready for you to pick them up at curbside.

The Cell Phone Lot eliminates the need for circling the airport repeatedly if your arriving party is later than expected.

When more airport visitors use the Cell Phone Lot, there is less traffic around the airport and less pollution in the air.

To get to the Cell Phone Lot, whether you're approaching the airport using Telephone Road or Airport Blvd, just follow the black signs to the entrance.

Open Every Day

To obtain flight information while at the Cell Phone Lot, call the Houston Airport System's Flight Information Hotline at 281-230-7000

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