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Houston Airports Construction Update

Houston Airports are continuously striving to meet customers' needs. Construction is currently taking place at Houston's two commercial airports: George Bush Intercontinental and William P. Hobby Airports. Below is the March 2012 update on the major construction projects and what you can look forward to in the future.

HOU William P. Hobby Airport

U-Ramp Replacement Project

The reconstruction project of the U-Ramp at Hobby Airport shuts down the existing upper-level roadway and includes a roadway that will provide new curbside check-in services. The closure is scheduled to remain in place until late 2012.
Effective April 3, 2012, the curbside check-in operation for Southwest Airlines will be moved back to its previous location along the west end of the upper-level roadway and the primary crosswalk, which leads pedestrians to the main lobby entrance, will be reopened at the same time.



IAH George Bush Intercontinental Airport


Terminal B South Side Replacement Project - Enabling Works & Apron Reconstruction

In August 2011 the City of Houston and United Airlines agreed to a $1 billion reconstruction of Terminal B at IAH, which includes increasing the available aircraft parking positions, enlarged centralized passenger holdroom facilities, concession facilities, and three new concourses, in order to accommodate the projected increase in regional express passengers. Before the construction of these facilities can begin, Houston Airports must complete two crucial projects: Terminal B Enabling Works and Terminal B Apron Reconstruction. The Enabling phase will relocate, remove, extend and/or upgrade existing utilities, roadways and the Vehicle Service Road (VSR) to allow both the existing continual operation of the airport and United Airlines, as well as the start of construction of a hydrant fueling system, airside drainage systems and airside utilities.

Currently the project status for Terminal B South Side Enabling Project (PN643B) is as follows: Concrete demolition is approximately 85 percent complete; sanitary sewer line is 75 percent complete; storm sewer is 10 percent complete; and the fuel transmission line is 5 percent complete. The fuel jumper line is 100 percent complete. The RCA package is complete for Terminal B South Apron Reconstruction (PN643C); the anticipated date for Council Action is April 11, 2012.




Look Ahead

Just a few of the many projects in the planning stages include: taxiway improvements, a new FIS Building and an addition to the HAS Administration Building.

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