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A380 Twitter Trivia Contest Questions 

Thank you for playing! These are the questions that have been asked in the Trivia Contest. Keep following @iah for more trivia questions & your chance to win a Lufthansa A380 model airplane!

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Trivia Contest Rules & photo of LH A380 Model: Click Here

Question 1

How many passengers can fit on the Lufthansa A380 that is dedicated to service the IAH and Frankfurt, Germany route?

A: 404 seats
B: 526 seats - correct answer
C: 680 seats
D: 563 seats


Question 2

Fill in the Blank:

The A380 is about __ percent quieter than comparable widebody aircraft.

A: 30 percent - correct answer
B: 50 percent
C: 20 percent
D: 15 percent


Question 3

What colors are the German flag, in order, from top to bottom?

A: Gold, Red, Black
B: Red, Black, Gold
C: Black, Gold, Red
D: Black, Red, Gold- correct answer

Question 4

What are the wingspan measurements of the A380? 

A: 300 feet, 8 inches
B: 261 feet, 8 inches - correct answer
C: 272 feet, 8 inches
D: 180 feet, 8 inches

Question 5

How many parts does the A380 have?  

A: 4 million - correct answer
B: 3 million
C: 5 million
D: 4.5 million


Question 6


What are the two bodies of water that you can see on map nearest to Germany?

A: Pacific Ocean and Bay of Biscay
B: Arctic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea
C: North Sea and Baltic Sea - correct answer
D: Black Sea and Caspian Sea


Question 7


On what date will the first flight on the A380 from IAH to Frankfurt begin?

A: August 2, 2012
B: August 1, 2012 - correct answer
C: August 10, 2012
D: August 11, 2012


Question 8

How many breweries are there in Germany? 

A: Over 2000
B: Over 3000
C: Over 1000 - correct answer
D: 876


Question 9

                 The Lufthansa A380's upper deck features the world's largest Business Class Cabin. How many seats does it have in Business Class?

A: 92
B: 89
C: 100
D: 98 - correct answer


Question 10

How long is the non-stop flight on the A380 to Frankfurt from IAH?

          A: IAH – FRA: 10 hours 40 minutes
          B: IAH – FRA: 10 hours 45 minutes
          C: IAH – FRA: 9 hours 45 minutes - correct answer
          D: IAH – FRA: 11 hours 20 minutes

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