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Appeal of Airport Rangers
is Riding High

October 8, 2013

The Airport Rangers Program continues to grow in both membership and stature. 

Houston City Councilman Jack Christie was one of those on hand taking in information about the program.

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  Steve Clarke, from the Jacobs Engineering Group was a first time guest.
Maybe it's the idea of connecting with the old Texas Cowboy of our past.  Or maybe it's the lure of a unique and exciting way to spend a Saturday morning.  But whatever the reason...the fact is, the Houston Airports Ranger Program is drawing its newest participants from some unlikely sources, namely corporate leadership teams and the offices of civic leaders.

This fact was proven on Saturday, September 28, when the Rangers held their latest Familiarization and Trail Ride event at George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) and attracted riders from the offices of a United States Senator, a U.S. Representative, a Houston City Council member and leading corporations operating in the Houston region.

"The Ranger Program is first and foremost an additional layer of security at Bush Intercontinental Airport and that focus will never change," says Program Supervisor Joshua Samic.  "But at the same time, we have a great deal of fun on these trail rides and we want to make sure that the Houston community is aware of that aspect of the program and hopefully they're joining in on the fun."

With that goal in mind, Samic and others involved in the Ranger Program have recently been placing a special emphasis on reaching out to community leaders in both the public and private sectors.  And the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

At the most recent ride, Houston City Council member Jack Christie was riding tall in the saddle, alongside representatives from the office of Houston Mayor Annise Parker.  Riders were on hand from the offices of United States Senator Ted Cruz and U.S. Representative Ted Poe, in addition to business leaders from corporations such as the Jacobs Engineering Group, SH&E and PGAL.

"The Rangers Program is now receiving attention on a national level, with news stories coming from the likes of USA Today and the Associated Press," says Houston Airports Chief External Affairs Officer Saba Abashawl.  "And while we will continue to promote the program on a large scale, we also want to make sure that the people right here at home know about the opportunity that exists for them to grab the reins and hit the trail."

The most recent gathering also included participation from the Houston Police Department and the Transportation Security Administration.  Both agencies sent representatives to pass along key information to the riders actually performing routine patrols.

The Airport Rangers program was created in December of 2003 in an effort to increase the security of IAH through community participation. Airport Rangers are mounted security patrol made up of volunteers, including off-duty law enforcement officers that ride their horses along the perimeter of the 13,000 acre Bush Intercontinental Airport.

In return for keeping an eye out for and reporting any suspicious activity in the area, equestrians have a pristine location, including wooded trails to ride and the airport has extra eyes and ears in areas that most security patrols cannot easily access.

If you'd like more information about the program, please call (281) 233-1784 or simply click here to access the Rangers' Web page on
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