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Houston Airports Ranger Program Finds
Media Spotlight Again

August 5, 2013

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The Houston Airports Ranger Program has garned international media attention and contributed to the security of IAH.
The Houston Airports Ranger Program continues to garner nationwide media exposure, with the latest attention coming from the Associated Press (AP).

The AP recently included the Rangers in a story that focused on the various ways that animals are being used in maintaining major airport operations.

The reporter focused a significant portion of the story on the Rangers, a group of horse enthusiasts who ride their animals at George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH).

The group represent a vital layer in the overall security approach at IAH, since they’re able to access certain corners of the airport property that can be difficult to reach in automobiles.

Riders gain access to beautiful riding trails along the IAH fence line and in return, they agree to stay alert and radio in any suspicious activity.

A big plus for IAH security personnel is the random nature of the Rangers presence.

“Nobody is on a set schedule,” says program participant Darolyn Butler. “So nobody can look at their watch and say, OK, the 3 O’Clock shift is about to leave. Any of us could pop up at any time.”

The story from the Associated Press examined the interesting ways animals are being used at 21st Century airports, including goats who help to minimize fire risks in San Francisco and a bee farm that serves as a revenue source for SeaTac Airport in Seattle, Washington.

The AP story is certainly not the first time that the Rangers Program has had the media spotlight shine in its direction. Individual riders have been singled out for various media coverage and the overall program has received attention from media outlets around the world.

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