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New Service for United MileagePlus Premier Members Debuts at IAH

August 5, 2013

  United Airlines has partnered with Mercedes-Benz to offer a unique shuttle service at IAH.
United Airlines introduced a pilot program that provides an added bonus for United MileagePlus Premier members at George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH).

Partnering with Mercedes-Benz, United Airlines will be providing a tarmac transportation option for United Global Service members and select United Global First class customers that have connecting flights at Houstonís largest airport.

"United and Mercedes are two great brands," said Tom O'Toole, United's Senior Vice President of Marketing and Loyalty and President of MileagePlus. "We are pleased to join together to offer a valuable new benefit to our MileagePlus Premier members, United's best customers."

The service that began at IAH on July 16 prioritizes connecting customers who, due to a delay, may otherwise miss their connection.

The tarmac chauffeur service uses silver Mercedes-Benz S Class and GL Class vehicles; one of the two vehicles waits on the tarmac for an inbound Global Services member with an applicable itinerary.

A Global Services representative meets the selected customer at the flight and escorts him/her out the nearest door to the waiting vehicle.

Together, they drive on the airfield to the customerís connecting flight and the customer boards the aircraft via stairs adjacent to the jet bridge for quick access to the aircraft. The airline does not know who will be selected in advance until they arrive in Houston.

The service cannot be reserved or requested and it is designed to improve the travel experience for Unitedís top customers who may be anxious about missing a connecting flight. The Global Services program is reserved for top United MileagePlus Premier members.

Customers are invited into the program based on their purchased travel on United flights during the calendar year. Houston is the first hub to test the program and United expects to expand it to their other hubs in the near future.
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