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Wounded Warriors Come Through Houston

June 5, 2012

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The welcome home on Warriors Weekend involved hundreds of military service members and hundreds of well-wishers.
Homemade signs, American flags and roars of applause filled the Terminal C baggage claim area of George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) on May 18, 2012 as hundreds of supporters welcomed home more than 200 wounded soldiers from all branches of the U.S. Military.

The emotional event was made possible by two organizations that combined their efforts for the returning service members: the Warriors Weekend Corporation and MoMs USA.
The two groups not only arrange for the wounded to be flown into Houston, but also handle the details behind a fishing trip to Port O’Connor, Texas.

“I’m so proud of these heroes and their families for their courage and their sacrifice,” said supporter Darlene Newman. “This is the foundation of our freedom in this country. So, I am very blessed and honored to be here supporting them and their families.”

The troops arrived in Houston from various spots across the country, but all of them reached Terminal C at IAH in the mid-morning hours of May 18.  Soon after getting off the plane, these brave men and women were taken to the baggage claim area, where hundreds of people had gathered to demonstrate to the veterans just how much support was on hand for the event.

“It was overwhelming and I pretty much bawled like a baby as I was walking through the line,” said event co-founder Gidget Reynolds. “And I can’t believe the support we have here in Houston. It’s absolutely amazing."

Once the final service member had shaken the final hand, the group was taken on tour buses to their final destination in Port O’Connor. There, the heroes enjoyed a host of different events, including helicopter rides, fishing expeditions and live music. More than 300 families typically show up for the event, along with dozens of volunteers.

“This is amazing,” said retired U.S. Army Sergeant Shane Parsons, who lost both his legs during combat missions while serving overseas. “I just love all the people who came out here and I love Houston. The support and camaraderie that we feel at this event is just incredible and I really enjoy it.” 
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