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Free Recharging Service at Hobby Airport

June 5, 2012

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The free service features four lockers that offer both security and recharging capabilities.

New phone chargers at William P. Hobby Airport (HOU) are not only allowing passengers to recharge their mobile devices for free, but they’re also keeping the items safe at the same time.

Hudson News and KEO Connect are partnering together to offer HOU passengers free access to a recharging station, that also serves as a secure locker for the electronic device while it’s being charged.

"This is great because I used to be locked into one location while I waited for my phone to charge," says passenger Terri Roberts.  "Now I'm able to move around the airport without having to worry about whether or not my phone is safe."

Passengers are directed to use one of the four charging docks available on the front of the KEO kiosk.  After setting a personalized password, the door is automatically opened and several different sized charging cords are made available.

Customers then choose the appropriate cord, attach the electronic device and shut the door. Because the door immediately locks, and can only be opened with the designated password, passengers can then leave the area, knowing that their device is safely charging behind a locked door.

“I thought it was a great idea right from the start,” says passenger Carla Trevino.  "Then I found out it was a free service and I was even more impressed." 

In addition to the recharging service, the interactive kiosks also provide passengers with news updates, weather details and more information through its interactive touch screens.

At Hobby Airport, passengers will find the KEO kiosk in front of the Hudson News store, located near Gate 45. Hudson News is the largest airport retailer in the United States, with five locations operating at Hobby Airport alone. 

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