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New Baggage Claim at Hobby is Near Completion

May 1, 2012

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  The new baggage claim area at Hobby Airport will open this summer.
A new baggage claim area at William P. Hobby Airport is almost ready to open its doors to the public.

Construction crews working on the project say the area will be ready for the public to use this summer.

Once inside the new area, passengers will notice a dramatic difference between the renovated space and the previous baggage claim area.

Brighter lighting, a more open design and terrazzo flooring are just a few of the upgrades that customers can expect to see once bags start moving through the area.

“Most of our customers have been around Hobby Airport long enough to remember the previous baggage claim area,” says Hobby Airport acting general manager Ross Underhill. “This is a major upgrade from that space and I think our customers are really going to enjoy this new area once they see it.”

The new baggage claim area at Hobby Airport will soon be in the same location as it was for years prior to the start of the construction project, on the airport's ground level immediately in front of the passenger pick-up area.

The completion of the new baggage claim area represents a major step forward in the progression of a $250 million renovation program. The remodeling project has already delivered new ticket counter space, new artwork and a new lobby. Now, those improvements are extending to the baggage claim operation.

“The greatest part about this particular renovation program is that it covers so many different areas of operation,” Underhill says. “It’s not a small touchup in select areas. This is a major overhaul that will be noticed by passengers from the time they enter the front door to the time they board their plane and pull away from the gate.”

In addition to a more pleasing aesthetic experience, the new baggage claim area will also offer passengers greater efficiency, since the numbers of carousels has been increased over the prior operation and various pieces of equipment have been upgraded during the life of the renovation project. 
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