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Hobby Airport Construction Update

April 2, 2012

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The curbside check-in for Southwest Airlines will once again be found near the main lobby door.
William P. Hobby Airport announces effective April 3, 2012, the curbside check-in operation for Southwest Airlines will be moved back to its previous location along the west end of the upper-level roadway and the primary crosswalk, which leads pedestrians to the main lobby entrance, will be re-opened at the same time. 

Two of the terminal’s four upper-level entryways will remain open throughout this next phase of construction. The two sets of doors located closest to the Southwest Airlines ticket counter, which include the lobby’s main entrance, will be accessible beginning on April 3.

The two sets of doors located further east will remain closed for construction. The closed doors are closest to AirTran Airways, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Frontier Airlines and jetBlue Airways.

“The progress we’ve seen on this project has been very impressive,” says Ross Underhill, acting general manager at Hobby Airport. “Not only is the work getting done in an efficient manner, but our passengers are doing an amazing job in adapting to the necessary changes in the environment.”

The construction began on October 26, 2011, as a roadway pavement replacement project completely shut down the upper-level roadway to all vehicular traffic. The roadway work is expected to last until this fall.

Key Points to Remember:

• The curbside check-in operation for Southwest Airlines will once again be located on the second level, immediately adjacent to the main lobby doors.

• The primary walkway leading to the main entrance is reopened to pedestrian traffic.

• Passenger drop-offs will continue to take place inside the second level of the Hobby Airport parking garage until the remainder of the roadway work is completed.

• The two entryways near Southwest Airlines will remain open. The two sets of doors further east will not be accessible. 

Travel Tips for Passengers at HOU:

• Passenger drop-offs taking place between the hours of 5:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. will occur on the second level of the HOU parking garage. Drop-offs outside this designated time period will take place on Level One (typically used for passenger pick-up). For more information, please visit

• Wheelchair assistance will be available in the second level of the airport’s parking garage.

• Passenger Pick Ups: Drivers who are on-site to pick-up arriving passengers are encouraged to use the Passenger Pick Up Waiting Lot located off of Airport Boulevard. The lot allows drivers to park and wait for the arriving passenger free of charge. For a map, please visit
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