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Houston Airports Lead Cleanup Efforts
Near Hobby Airport 

November 28, 2011

  © Houston Airport System
  Houston Airport System director Mario Diaz was one of the many volunteers on hand to help clean up the area.
More than 120 volunteers brought a positive impact to the communities located near William P. Hobby Airport, as they launched the 2011 Hobby Airport Community Day. The goal of the event held on November 19 was for the Houston Airport System team to get to know the community and to gather together as many volunteers as possible and target nearby neighborhoods for a massive cleanup effort.

Event organizers say they wanted to convey the message to surrounding neighbors that, “You matter to Houston Airports.”

“We think it’s important to support our neighbors and to give back to our community,” says Mario Diaz, director of Houston Airport System and chairman of the Combined Municipal Campaign. “With the holidays upon us - this is the season of giving. As the nation's economy is still recovering, giving gifts is not always possible and giving time to help your hometown is a really great way to celebrate the season."

The primary area targeted for cleanup during the four hour event was a stretch of land located along Monroe Road.

Organizers and volunteers gathered near the esplanades on that Saturday morning with the single goal in mind of improving the look of the area.

Several other departments with the City of Houston were also on site to lend their support, including representatives from Parks and Recreation, Public Works, Municipal Court System and the Department of Neighborhoods.  (Click Here to view a complete list of participants)

"There has always been a special bond and connection between Hobby Airport and the surrounding communities," says Hobby Airport general manager Perry Miller.  "That's why an event like this is possible and why the turnout is so strong."
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