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This page lists current contracting opportunties and information about past procurements.    You can sort columns by clicking on the column header and/or use the selector below to filter what you view by procurement type (RFP, RFQ, Bid, etc), category (design, construction, professional services), etc. 

Type Category Start
Status Location End


Project Name Type Category Location Date Due Status
Employee Scheduling Software - HBH ESS 2016 024 RFI Professional Services HAS 03/03/2016 open
ITRP East Aircraft Parking Hardstand - H27-EAPHDB-2016-005 RFQ Design Build IAH 09/03/2015 under review
ITRP Enabling Utilities Landside Project - H37 EUTLDB 2016 004 RFQ Design Build IAH 09/15/2015 under review
Operations/Maintenance/Capital Job Order Contract - HAM OMCJOC 2015 030 RFP Operation & Maintenance HAS 02/17/2016 open
Common/Shared Passenger Processing System - HGH CUS 2016 014 RFP Professional Services HAS 03/15/2016 open
Mickey Leland International Terminal Architecture Engineer - H37 MLITAE 2016 002 RFQ Design IAH 09/02/2015 under review
Owner-Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP) - HBH OCIP 2015 026 RFP Professional Services IAH 09/17/2015 under review
Parking Count and Guidance System - H08 PCGS 2016 009 RFQ Design Build IAH 10/27/2015 under review
Program Management Office Building - H27 PMODB 2016 020 RFQ Professional Services IAH 01/29/2016 cancelled
Employee Engagement Survey - H08 EES 2016 007 RFP Professional Services HAS 09/22/2015 cancelled
Mickey Leland International Terminal Construction Manager at Risk (MLIT CMAR) - H37 MLITCMAR 2016 003 RFQ CMAR IAH 09/04/2015 under review
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