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Parking at the Terminal

Convenient parking is located at each terminal.

Parking is available at all of the airport's terminal garages with the addition of special programs available including SurePark, Executive Parking and Valet Parking. 

Parking Rates


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Terminal Parking
(All terminals)
Stay Rate
0.0-1 hr $3.00
1-2 hrs $4.00
2-3 hrs $7.00
3-5 hrs $9.00
5-24 hrs $19.00

VALET Parking
(All terminals)
0-2 hrs $10.00
2-24 hrs $25.00

Guaranteed Parking
Members Only
0-3 hrs $7.00
3-5 hrs $9.00
5-24 hrs $23.00
IAH Available Parking
Terminals A & B
Terminal C
Terminal D & E
Open Full
Click on Garage Name for Level Details.

Executive Parking at IAH
Now offering private spaces at the exclusive Executive Parking Lot*
*Between Terminals C and E
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Parking Inquiries
For questions related to parking in any of the IAH parking garages or at the ecopark lot, Click Here.

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