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IAH Sure Park FAQ

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  1. Where is SURE PARK Located?
  2. I'm not receiving Automated Receipts
  3. What if my Card doesn't work?
  4. Can I share my card?
  5. Where do I park?
  6. Ok, I'm back from my trip...How do I Exit?
  7. How do I specify which CREDIT CARD I want to use?
  8. Why is the cost different than the garages?

Where is SURE PARK Located?

It is located on Level 3 of the Terminal C Garage, on the East Side. 

As you enter the terminal complex and pass Terminal D & E, stay in the left lane, and go up the ramp leading directly into the C-East Garage.  (If the garage is full, and a parking attendant is at the entry re-directing traffic to other lots, tell them you are a SurePark member, show them your card, and they will let you through. If however, there is a barricade and no attendant present, you may go around the barricade. ) 

Proceed to the double ticket dispensers, stay to your left and you will see the SurePark entrance equipment with a sign that says ‘IAH SurePark Members Only.’ 

To activate the entry gate waive your access card in front of the reader. 

Drive up the spiral to the 3 rd level, this is just one level up from the ramp entrance. 

Here you will see another proximity reader, again to activate the gate waive your pass card in front of the reader.

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I'm not receiving automated receipts

Customer is not receiving emailed receipts

Check and make sure we have your email address in the system.  The first batch of applications had no field for you to give us your email address.  If you mailed an application manually (not applied on line) and then you manually activated your card (by phone, not on line) then odds are we do not have your email address.  Give us your email address by updating your account here.

You can also reprint your receipts through account management.


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What if my card doesn't work?

Has your credit card Expired or Changed? If so, please login to your account and update your credit card information @

There is a phone number just under the card reader to report any immediate problems. 

You should be aware, however, that the card does have a security feature (called an anti-passback) that will deny an entry request if the system shows that the card is currently active in the lot.  (In other words, once it records an entry, there must be a corresponding exit before it will allow another entry.)


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Can I share my card?

Yes, you can.  But only one person may use the card at a time.  That is how we are able to guarantee you will always have a parking space.

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Where do I park?

There are about 350 stalls in the lot on Level 3, and you may park in any one of them.


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OK, I'm back from my trip....How do I exit?

Follow the exit sign through the DE garage & proceed down the helix to the toll plaza. 

SurePark members will exit at booth 7H. 

There you will see another proximity reader; waive your access card in front of the reader. 

It will process your transaction to the credit card you have on file. 

If you wish you can push a button on this machine for a receipt too. A receipt will automatically be emailed to you if you have an email address on file.

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How do I specify with CREDIT CARD I want to use?

1.     Login @http://login.newsouthparking-tx.comusing USER NAME and PASSWORD.

2.     Click on the CREDIT CARDS Tab. The Credit Cards tab allows users to add & modify credit cards associated with your account.

3.     To add another credit card, click theADDbutton.


5.     Press the ACTIVE button to select which card you wish to have charged on your stay.

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Why is the cost different than the garages?

You will pay $23 per day for SurePark versus $19 per day in the rest of the garage. The higher price is because we are guaranteeing you will always have a space, whether you use it or not, and without calling ahead to reserve it.

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