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United’s New Look Arriving Soon


June 1, 2011

  © Houston Airport System
  The new look for United Airlines is expected to arrive in Houston within the next three months.
The process of combining operations for United Airlines and Continental Airlines continues to move forward, and passengers at George Bush Intercontinental Airport are soon going to be seeing solid examples of that effort.

Continental and United passengers can now check in and print boarding passes at either carrier’s kiosks at Bush Intercontinental Airport, and leaders with United Airlines have announced that by the third quarter of 2011, they expect to have new signage and branding materials in place at their Houston hub.

The change will require a great deal of coordination between team members of United and the Houston Airport System, since the Continental Airlines brand is highly visible in three separate facilities, Terminals B, C and E.

“The alignment of airport procedures are the newest visible signs of the successful integration of United and Continental,” said Jeff Smisek, United’s president and CEO. “We are making significant progress as we create the world’s leading airline, and customers are experiencing more of these benefits as they travel.”

The two merging airlines will eventually fly under the United brand name and operate under a single license with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), but until that moment arrives, there are countless steps to take in regards to melding the two operations.

Web sites for both airlines now feature tools that allow customers to shop for flights, obtain seat assignments and check the status of flights, regardless of which airline the customer has chosen.

Other major steps include the re-painting of more than 500 aircraft in the new United livery, and integrating the frequent flier programs for the two individual companies into one comprehensive plan.

The new interior paint and signage represent the latest step toward consolidation between United and Continental. At Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, signage located in the ticketing and boarding areas now feature the United name, a blue and white color scheme and Continental’s globe logo. Those same changes should be in place at George Bush Intercontinental Airport by the end of September 2011. 
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