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New Entryway For Passengers at Hobby Airport

Renovation program once again has big impact

April 6, 2011

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Passengers at William P. Hobby Airport are noticing a dramatic new look for the popular facility.
Passengers at William P. Hobby Airport now have a more convenient and attractive way to enter the building on their next flight, thanks to a newly constructed entryway and lobby.

The renovations, which were completed on March 15, affect everything from the ceiling lighting to the terrazzo floors, and represent a major portion of an overall $250 million improvement program currently underway at Hobby Airport.

The renovation program has already resulted in new airline ticket counters and dramatic new art pieces. Now, the results are being noticed from the moment passengers enter the building.

“It’s nice and open,” said passenger Rachel Everhart. “Some airports don’t have that open feeling so you wind up feeling cramped and claustrophobic but that’s definitely not the case here.”

Everhart’s reaction is certainly no accident. From the beginning, project designers placed a heavy emphasis on creating a more open atmosphere, where passengers would be able to see the ticketing area, security checkpoint and retail options from any one vantage point.

The new look is especially dramatic for those passengers who frequently travel through Hobby Airport. “The last time I was here it was all boarded up,” says Janelle Simmons. “But I like this. The look is very clean and open so I think it looks great."

Several new features are now catching the attention of passengers like Simmons, including new lighting fixtures and ceiling designs. Concaved insets were built into the lobby ceiling, which maximizes the purple and blue hues emitted by the new lighting system.

Customers entering the building are now walking on new terrazzo floors as they make their way past a new information booth and currency exchange service counter. Additional features are on the way, such as a restaurant located near the front entrance which offers patio-style seating.

The renovation program also calls for the complete remodeling of the baggage claim operation. Right now, a temporary site is being used to accommodate inbound passenger while construction crews are hard at work renovating the familiar baggage claim site at Hobby Airport.

New lighting and flooring will once again be part of the improvement plan, along with new baggage carousels and improved signage. That work is still underway, but the improvements already completed at Hobby Airport are definitely having a strong impact on customers.

“It’s tremendous,” says first time customer Himanshu Patel. “Aesthetically it’s very pleasing. The people are very friendly so everything is very calm and easy to navigate. I’m very impressed."
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