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“Green” Shuttle Buses at Bush Airport
Houston Airport System
March 1, 2011

New eco-friendly shuttle buses will soon be operating at George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Custom paint jobs and other finishing touches are currently being applied to more than two dozen buses, each of them capable of running on clean natural gas rather than the commonly used diesel fuel.

These shuttle buses will be used to transport passengers from the "ecopark" lot (formerly known as “Parking Cents”) on John F. Kennedy Boulevard to each of the five terminals located at Bush Airport.

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The new shuttle buses run on clean natural gas and as a result, are more environmentally friendly.

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that vehicles using natural gas can reduce carbon-monoxide emissions by more than 90 percent.

“This is part of a national trend that we’re starting to see develop,” says Chanda Felder, parking commercial development manager for the Houston Airport System. “Natural gas is an inexpensive, cleaner fuel source, that’s readily available here in the United States, and I’m just thrilled to see the City of Houston play such a leading role in this type of green initiative.”

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