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Improvements Continue at Hobby
New entryway, lobby and baggage claim are set to debut
Houston Airport System
March 1, 2011

A new entryway and lobby are set to be opened to the public at William P. Hobby Airport, and customers will be noticing even more improvements to the building’s infrastructure in the future, including a new restaurant, new retail shops and re-modeled baggage claim area.

Construction crews are currently wrapping up work on the new entryway and lobby, with the areas expected to open for public use in mid-March 2011. The walk-thru area of the new baggage claim area will likely open in the 2nd Quarter of 2011, with the entire baggage operation moving into the new area at a later date.


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Customers at William P. Hobby Airport will notice a dramatic change in the look of the main entryway.

“This has been an extensive renovation and we are very excited about the new look of Hobby and all its modern features and amenities,” says Perry J. Miller, general manager at William P. Hobby Airport. “Passengers are going to notice a dramatic change in virtually every corner of the operation.”

The renovations are part of a larger $250 million program currently being carried out at Hobby Airport. It’s a program that’s already generated numerous improvements to the popular facility, including new ticket counters, dramatic works of art and an improved pathway to the temporary baggage claim area.

Those new areas were opened to the public in July 2010, opening the door for construction crews to focus on the next step of the overall renovation program. Over the past several months, workers have been busy creating an entirely new look and feel for the upper-level entryway.  Improvements include new terrazzo flooring, new lighting and ceiling design, glass and marble walls, as well as an overall architectural layout that emphasizes a more open atmosphere.

“It’s going to feel entirely different for passengers as they enter the building,” Miller says. “From the moment they walk in, they’ll be able to see ticket counters, retail options and the security checkpoint, all of it from the same vantage point.”

One improvement that’s sure to capture immediate attention is the addition of a restaurant operating within the pre-security portion of the airport. The new eatery will be located to the immediate left for those customers entering the building’s main vestibule, and will feature an indoor “sidewalk café” just outside the restaurants’ main entrance.

“Our goal is to elevate the overall customer experience by engaging all of their senses- from the beautiful new facilities to the aroma of all the delicious food offerings,” says Lana Van Marter, manager of operations services at Hobby Airport. 

Walking along the building’s upper-level, customers will also find a new gift shop, currency exchange service and information booth. One level below and construction crews are busy working on a new baggage claim area.

Located in the same area of the building as the previous baggage operation, the new baggage claim area will also feature an entirely different look and feel. Once again, terrazzo flooring and new lighting are being used to create a more modern atmosphere and new baggage carousels are also being installed to maximize operational efficiency.

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