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Houston's Airports Shined in 2009

On-time, convenient and comfortable are words used to describe Houston's George Bush Intercontinental and William P. Hobby Airports

Houston Airport System
January 18, 2010

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On-time performance and amenities were two of the areas highlighed at both IAH and HOU
During a time when compliments are hard to come by, the Houston Airport System (HAS) has generated more than its share of positive feedback in 2009.

From Web site studies to industry surveys, high praise is being directed at both George Bush Intercontinental (IAH) and William P. Hobby (HOU) Airports.

It began in March, 2009, as HOU once again set itself apart with recognition coming from the Airports Council International (ACI).

The leading organization representing airports around the globe, ACI highlighted Hobby Airport with two awards for being one of the top five performing airports and for premier customer service.

“We are of course honored and thrilled to be recognized for our performance and customer service efforts in such a distinguished global arena,” said Mary Case, airport manager for Hobby Airport. “We have made customer service a top priority and our passengers have taken notice and let us know how much they appreciate our attention."

Later in the year, it was time for both commercial airports in Houston to stand up for recognition, as both Bush and Hobby scored top rankings in the 2009 Travel + Leisure survey of the nation’s favorite cities.

A first place award was handed to IAH for outstanding airport lounges, while second place recognition came in the categories of “airport food and drink,” “airport staff efficiency” and “airport entertainment.”

The Travel + Leisure survey rankings also found the Houston area to be stylish, sophisticated, cultured and diverse. “Airports are often the gateway to a city and that means we must make a good first impression,” says Eric Potts, interim director of aviation for the city of Houston. “We accomplish that by focusing on customer service, outstanding amenities, a dedicated staff, and by creating an atmosphere that says welcome to Houston, we’re glad you are here.”

And finally, in December, Christmas came a little bit early as George Bush Intercontinental Airport was singled out by the New York based Web site The Daily Beast as “the number one hub airport in the country.”

The Daily Beasts survey ranked IAH particularly high when it comes to on-time arrivals and departures, airport safety and amenities.

“You don’t have congested air space. You don’t have a lot of bad weather, so you’re able to make your connection more assured,” said Roxanne Butler, director of public affairs and communications for the Houston Airport System.

The study found that 90 percent of holiday departures are on time, and the average wait at security is only six minutes. Click here to view The Daily Beast story

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