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Houston Airport System
February 20, 2010

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Construction at HOU is approximately 50 percent completed.
Construction crews at William P. Hobby Airport (HOU) are taking major strides forward in their drive to complete a dramatic remodeling project at the popular facility.

Behind dust walls and closed doors, building frames are being constructed, electrical wiring is being laid into place and architectural drawings are coming to life.

The plan is to dramatically alter and improve the look and functionality of the HOU lobby, baggage claim area and the airlines’ ticket counter space.

“This renovation program is much more than a simple touch-up operation,” says Mary Case, Hobby airport manager. “Passengers are going to notice a dramatic difference once the work is done and they’re going to feel that difference in a number of different areas.”

That “dramatic difference” is going to be felt as soon as people walk through the front door, since a large part of the remodeling program involves drastic changes to the airport's lobby.

Once the project is complete, customers entering Hobby will immediately see improvements with the enhanced traffic flow and increased open space.

“We’re going to have four sets of doors leading from the curbside drop-off area, so I think customers will immediately feel as though they have greater access to the ticket counters and the security checkpoint,” Case says. “And visually they’re going to be able to see everything directly in front of them, where that’s not possible today.”

Passengers landing in Houston will also notice a dramatic difference as they make their way through the building, since a new stairway is being constructed to guide them to the new baggage claim area.

Baggage carousels will operate in their new space along the southeast corner of the terminal building, while the existing baggage claim area is undergoing a complete renovation.

“So what you wind up with is a renovation project that’s noticeable throughout your visit to Hobby,” says Case. “You’ll notice the change when you walk through the lobby to the ticket counters and you’ll notice the change when you return to Houston and get your bags.”

Work on the renovation program is approximately 50 percent completed, and is scheduled to be finished by 2012.

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