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Calling all Hobby area cooks, chefs and connoisseurs

Houston Airport System
July 1, 2010

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Hobby Airport General Manager Mary Case is the inspiration behind the fundraising idea at HOU

What tantalizing, tasty treats lurk in the minds and kitchens of employees at William P. Hobby Airport? Find out when high-flying cookbook secrets are revealed this summer.

Pina colada cake, ranch pinwheels and caramel popcorn are all on the menu of the Hobby Community Cookbook.

The project is the brainchild of Mary Case, Hobby Airport General Manager, while Cheryl Barber is pulling all the recipes together.

Barber has worked with the Houston Airport System (HAS) for 11 years as one of the customer service representatives. She’s even sharing her family recipe for crawfish casserole.

“It’s all in the spicy seasoning,” whispers Cheryl. “My sisters and I are willing to give up our recipe, but only for a good cause.”

All proceeds from the cookbook will benefit the Interfaith Chapel which continues to grow and reach the airport community with an ever expanding mission --- to provide a place of comfort, meditation, worship and aid for the traveling public and the airport community.

The Interfaith Chapel is located adjacent to the west baggage claim doors on the first floor of Hobby, it opened in August of 2005.

Mary and the Hobby Airport staff cooked up this creative way to support the ministry while getting the community surrounding Hobby involved.

They are reaching out to local hotels, airlines, small business owners and rental car companies for interesting recipes.

Rhonda Davis, General Manager of Atlantic Aviation’s location near Hobby donated a pina colada cake recipe which has lots of coconut and a splash of Coco Lopez infused in the layers. “This is my very favorite cake for non-dieters,” joked Rhonda.

Llonda Griffin who works in cargo operations, picked out a few of her most-requested favorites for the cookbook. You’ll find banana split cake with a pineapple twist, chocolate and peanut butter rice crispies, and party punch with a ginger ale kick.

“I love cooking and I guess you can tell my family is into sweets,” said Llonda who has worked for HAS for nearly 30 years. “That party punch is very special, it was served at my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary celebration.”

“I submitted Doctor Rayn’s –burn ya twice salsa,” said Traci McDonald, who works at Hobby. “The longer the jalapenos sit, the hotter it gets.”

There is still time to put on your chef’s hat and cook up a specialty, if you work in the southeast area around Hobby airport. You can send your recipe to

The Hobby Community cookbook goes on sale in August.

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