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United Airlines Changing Terminals at IAH

Terminal C will be new home for member of Star Alliance

Houston Airport System
August 1, 2010

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The Terminal C ticketing lobby was recently expanded by 15,000 square feet.

Starting on August 16, 2010, passengers flying United Airlines at George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) will have their arrivals and departures taking place in a different terminal facility from the one they’ve become accustomed to using in the past.

That’s because United Airlines is moving from its current location inside Terminal A, and will be moving all its flight operations over to Terminal C.

The move will put them in closer proximity to their Star Alliance partner, Continental Airlines.

“One of the key selling points of any alliance within the aviation industry is seamless travel,” says Ian Wadsworth, chief commercial officer for the Houston Airport System (HAS). “Continental and United Airlines are partners within the Star Alliance so it makes perfect sense that they would want their respective customers to have easy access to either operation.”

This accessibility is especially important for those passengers who are following a Star Alliance itinerary which calls for them to not only switch planes in Houston, but also switch airlines.

Once the move is finalized, those passengers will no longer be required to leave one terminal facility for another, but can simply walk to a different gate within the same building.

Continental and United Airlines have both operated flights in and out of Terminal A in the past, but Continental has a greater number of flights operating in Terminal C.

Of course a great deal of planning has to take place before a change of this magnitude can occur, including heavy emphasis on directional signage both inside and outside the Terminal C facility.

Dozens of team members within the Houston Airport System have been coordinating their efforts with representatives from both airlines to ensure that customers know exactly where the new facilities will be located.

That’s because the move from United Airlines not only involves a new location for the planes themselves, but also the ticket counters and baggage claim offices.

The move is expected to take place in the early morning hours of August 16, with that days’ entire flight schedule taking place exclusively in Terminal C.

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